Why Online Card Counting Just Doesn't Work

In brick and mortar casino Blackjack games, it can sometimes be possible for players to keep a complete enough account of what cards have come before in order to make a prediction of what cards are coming next. This technique is next to impossible online. Though several blackjack strategists swear by it, online casino games counting just doesn't work for a number of reasons.

Frequent Shuffles

In live online casino, it can be easy to see when the card count begins and when it ends. Each time the dealer shuffles the cards or introduces a new deck, the cards that came before no longer matter. A shuffle means a blank slate of new cards, and they are completely independent of what has already been dealt with. Online casinos introduce such blank slates on a much more regular basis. What's more, is they don't always tell players when those "shuffles" take place. Players should then treat each online roulette hand as an independent.

Random Number Generators

Even when casinos offer "single deck" games online, it can be almost impossible to count the cards that are involved. That is because, technically, there are no actual cards to count on principles of the game. Online casinos use random number generators to produce the results in almost every single one of their games. Blackjack is not an exception, and the results of each deal and shuffle are as random as it is possible to get.

Players who swear by online card counting may use fancy software programs that promise to keep the most exact calculations. However, even these gadgets are mostly useless with online blackjack games on rules of the game. The best bet for players is a reliable blackjack strategy chart that gives the odds of each move. By basing the decision on the odds, players can always improve their games.