Safest Craps Strategies

Craps is one of the classic and aged casino games and learning poker that can be found in online casinos. Many people play craps without using any kind of strategies. However, there are different strategies available that can help a Craps player to increase his or her chance of winning. As the game is garnering more interest, more and more players are trying to find out the Safest Crap strategies.

Some people say that the strategies used in craps are nothing but cheating. This notion is incorrect as the strategies used in craps just helps to increase one's wins and nothing more. The most popular is casino bonus of the craps strategies are the Field Betting Craps Strategies and the Safest Craps Strategies. The name of the Safest Craps Strategies implies its characteristics. This is the safest strategy as this is a conservative one. However, with the Safest Craps Strategies, the bankroll of players grows much slower if compared to other strategies. This is why not everyone prefers to use this strategy.

In the Safest Craps Strategies, after each roll comes out, the players are supposed to bet on the 'do not pass' line. The player will definitely win the hit if the point is hit. However, even in cases of pushes, the players would still get all their money back. And the best part in the Safest Craps Strategies is that once a player wins is on card counting the odd because of the hit, he or she cannot lose. If 3 or 2 is rolled on, one complete unit will be won by the player and the probability of this occurrence is 8.3 percent. On the other hand, the 11 or 7 rolls can make a player lose a unit and its probability of occurrence is 22.2 percent. The probability of losing on 'come out' is nearly 14 percent.

It is to be noted that like all other strategies, even the Safest Craps Strategies can guarantee that players will win a huge amount of money on the online casino games.