Rules of Blackjack Etiquette

When playing any casino games, it is important for players to observe the basic rules of behavior and etiquette. While these rules are merely social and are not insisted on, they do go a long way toward making the casino experience a pleasant one. Each game has its own rules, so players should be aware they may have to adjust from table to table. Still, there are some rules of blackjack etiquette that are common across all casinos.

Chips and Bets

Most of the rules of Blackjack etiquette involve proper behavior with the chips and bets in the game. Because many dealers and pit bosses are concerned about cheating or chip impropriety, violating rules about chips can get a player banned from the tables. That's why players should never touch their bets after the first cards have been dealt. They should also only ever buy or exchange chips between hands. If someone else is playing, the dealer doesn't have time to attend to chip needs.

Dealing with the Cards

There are also a lot of blackjack rules that can be download concerning how players interact with the cards. These rules can help prevent players from slipping in their own cards or altering the hands in any way. Any face-up cards may not be touched at any time, as there is no need. If the dealer gives cards out face down, players may only use a single hand to touch them on online roulette. The other hand must stay in view.

Players should also observe a few general rules of online casino etiquette. For instance, asking the dealer for advice is considered rude and the dealer will generally refuse to give any tips. Players should always play a pleasant game and win and lose graciously.